Maintaining Your Braces

Your braces will be most effective when they are properly cared for. We have provided some instructions on maintaining your braces on this page, and Dr. Frank Iuorno and his team will give you more information during your appointment at West End Orthodontics. To learn more about maintaining your braces and make your appointment with our orthodontist, please call us today at 804-364-8366.

  • Brushing

    When you brush, use the Sonicare toothbrush we provide you the day you start your treatment. You will need to angle the bristles down above and up below the brackets on your teeth to ensure that your teeth are cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

  • Flossing

    You will need to use a floss threader while wearing braces. Position the threader between the wires and the tooth and pull the floss through. The you can floss as normal. Remember the floss will need to be threaded between each tooth.

    You may also consider using an orthodontic flosser stick. You can use this device by lining up the thin paddle side of the stick under the wire and gliding the floss up and down the side of each tooth. One flosser stick can be used for your entire mouth, but remember to rinse it after each use between the individual teeth.

  • Playing Sports with Braces

    If you play sports, we recommend that you wear an athletic mouth guard specifically designed to be worn with braces. West End Orthodontics offers mouth guards that will fit throughout your entire treatment, with no boiling required.

  • Foods to Avoid

    There are some foods that you should avoid during your treatment. These include gooey, sticky, chewy, and hard foods. For example, avoid bubble gum, caramel, skittles, sour patches, thick corn chips, crunchy granola bars, crusts, ice, and nuts. Hard fruits and veggies may be cut into small pieces and chewed with the back teeth to avoid brackets breaking.

  • Keeping Your Teeth Clean on The Go

    We recommend keeping a small proxy-brush with you on the go to clean around your brackets until you can go home and brush and floss.

  • Plaque HD Toothpaste

    This product is recommended to ensure that you are cleaning around your brackets and teeth thoroughly. This toothpaste has a disclosing agent that turns the plaque and food on your teeth green so that you can see what you need to remove from your teeth. When you visit West End Orthodontics, this product will be available for your use before your appointment. We will also put it in your start-up bag to use at home.

For more information about maintaining your braces, please contact our office today.