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What Are Clear Braces?

Before clear braces became available in 1998, people undergoing orthodontic treatment had no choice but to wear metal brackets and wires to straighten their teeth. Clear braces in Glen Allen, VA, changed all that. If you have been putting off orthodontic work because you do not want to display a mouth full of metal when you smile, clear braces are the ideal alternative.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Clear braces are plastic appliances that are not colored, so other people cannot always tell that you wear braces. Our dental laboratory creates a customized appliance for your top and bottom rows of teeth that fits like a mouth guard. Both clear and traditional metal braces apply pressure to the teeth to shift into a new position.

During your first orthodontic appointment, Dr. Frank Iuorno, Jr. takes several X-rays of your teeth and creates a plaster mold of how your teeth appear right now. When the laboratory notifies him that your appliances are ready, we contact you to come in for a fitting. If the clear braces do not fit just right, Dr. Iuorno adjusts them to ensure they remain snug and comfortable in your mouth.

You will receive a set of clear aligners, which confuses some patients at first. As Dr. Iuorno will explain, you need to wear the first aligner for about two weeks and then discard it and replace it with the next one in the set. When you get to the last aligner, Dr. Iuorno will determine if you are done with treatment or if you need to wear a retainer for a while.

Patients love the flexibility and discreetness of clear braces in Glen Allen, VA. We invite you to request an orthodontic consultation to find out why.


Tips to Prevent Lip Irritation With Braces

Traditional braces still do an amazing job when it comes toorthodontist treatment in Glen Allen, VA, and other areas. But one common complaint with braces has less to do with appearances and more to do with the way they can irritate the insides of the lips. This irritation can range from minor to causing canker sores. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this lip irritation.

Use Dental Wax
Dental wax is a special wax that’s safe for use in the mouth. Just a small amount of wax can act as a barrier, protecting the delicate tissue of your lips. To use dental wax, wash your hands with soap and warm water to prevent bacteria from entering the mouth. Next, brush your teeth and braces as you normally would. Then, use a clean, soft towel to pat dry the braces where they usually irritate your lips. Warm a pea-sized amount of dental wax by rolling it between your index finger and thumb. Push the wax gently atop the irritating area until it’s firmly affixed. You’ll probably have to reapply each day.

Tell Your Orthodontist
The next time you visit with your orthodontist, point out the area of the braces that’s irritating your lips. It’s possible that there’s a jagged edge or point of metal and that the orthodontist can smooth it off so it no longer irritates you.

Rinse With Salt Water
If you’ve developed a canker sore, rinse with salt water a few times a day to speed recovery. You can also apply a topical numbing agent to alleviate the pain.

Contact yourGlen Allen, VA orthodontist with any problems related to your braces. The idea of braces is to make you look and feel better, not cause discomfort!

Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Can Adults Get Braces?

If you’re an adult who has lived with tooth and jaw misalignment for most of your life, you may not think of your problem as having a solution. Many people get braces when they’re young, and if they don’t, they assume they missed the window of time to correct it.

As your orthodontist in Glen Allen, VA, we’re happy to inform you that your orthodontic troubles can be corrected with braces and other means, even well into adulthood. At West End Orthodontics, we help adults to fix problems they’ve had for years and years.

Can Adults Get Braces?
Yes, adults can get braces. Whether you have crowded teeth, an overbite, underbite, speech impediment, or some other problem impacting the spacing and alignment of your teeth, you may be a good candidate for braces or another treatment to help realign your teeth.

What Are the Options?
Orthodontists use many tools to help correct patient problems. Your orthodontist will have to evaluate you to determine what are the best options for your situation, but here are some common solutions to these problems:

Braces are made up of brackets and wires that are regularly adjusted to push and pull the teeth into alignment. Braces are very visible, but your orthodontist may recommend ceramic or lingual braces, which are more subtle.

Clear Aligners
Clear aligners are made of plastic and designed to fit over the teeth to reposition them over time. Clear aligners are a tool preferred by many adults because they’re difficult to see.

See Your Orthodontist To Learn More
The first step to getting braces for adults in Glen Allen, VA, is to see the orthodontist and learn more about your options. Call today to get started.